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The Bourbon Lens

Apr 6, 2020

On this week’s episode we take a trip to Starlight, Indiana to visit the Starlight Distillery located at Huber's Orchard & Winery. Huber’s is most known for their world-famous wine and entertainment at the winery. We were met by co-owner and Master Distiller Ted Huber and his son and associate distiller, Christian Huber. They were kind enough to give us a private tour of the distillery and share some very special whiskies with us.  

We then sat down to do what we do, record a podcast. Ted and Christian give us and you an inside look into what it takes to run a grain-to-bottle distillery, what they look for in their whiskies, and how their wine making experience plays a vital role in how they make whiskey. We were also joined by the Starlight Marketing Director, James Wood. James walks us through how Starlight is able to  compete in a crowded marketplace and what sets Starlight apart through the distribution channel. 

If you have some Starlight whiskey or some Huber’s wine, pour yourself a glass and listen to this exciting podcast. We think you will learn a lot from our great conversation with the Starlight team, cheers!


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